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Lucas Murnaghan is a Toronto-based photographer focusing on images that involve water and its surroundings. His early work focused primarily on surf and adventure photography, and he has always preferred to immerse himself in his environment leading to shooting from within the water. He has now traveled to four continents, shooting in major breaks around the globe. Surf brand sponsorships brought opportunities to shoot in-water photographic coverage for major international competitions, including the Rip Curl Pro Tofino and WSL Soup Bowl Pro. He has published his work in numerous publications and has staged two gallery shows.

His love of photography has further evolved into fine art and editorial work in the underwater realm, and he has worked with several brands, subjects, and locations to create evocative and ethereal images. An accomplished triathlete and free diver himself, he works without additional SCUBA equipment, allowing him a deeper connection to his subject. This personal and organic approach allows for greater versatility in his shoots and a heightened level of intimacy to the finished product.

Murnaghan brings a fresh eye to a challenging medium and takes his audience with him, below the surface, to see things from a novel perspective.

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