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Lucas Murnaghan was born in Toronto and raised in Ottawa, Canada. He obtained his medical degree from Queen’s University and completed his orthopaedic surgical training at The University of British Columbia. Murnaghan’s early work focused primarily on surf and adventure photography. Preferring to immerse himself in his environment led to him shooting from within the water. An accomplished triathlete and free diver, Murnaghan worked without additional SCUBA equipment which allowed him to form a deeper connection to his subject. This personal and organic approach permitted him greater versatility and a heightened level of intimacy to the finished product. Murnaghan brought fresh eyes to a challenging medium, taking his audience with him beneath the surface to see things from a novel perspective.

In his collection, “Beneath the Surface”, Murnaghan explored notions of male vulnerability and confidence through the familiar yet physically and emotionally challenging underwater medium. Slipping beneath the surface, he removed traditional constraints and conventions and freed his subjects of their earth-bound conceptions and societal norms. With the rules changed, they are liberated to explore themselves in a parallel universe and express what lies beneath.

In February 2021, while shooting big waves on Oahu’s North Shore, Murnaghan was diagnosed with a rare cholangio-carcinoma. He passed away peacefully on Tuesday, March 23rd, at the age of 45, in his home in Toronto, surrounded by loved ones.

Murnaghan’s art awed and inspired a large and loyal following. While he enjoyed popularity for his photography, he remained an active member in Toronto’s LGBTQ, medical and surf communities, where his impact reached far beyond his creative pursuits. His audiences will forever be captivated by the ethereal quality of his images, and those who worked with him, knew him, and loved him, will carry forward his legacy of excellence, adventure, and exploration.

His photography studio and Estate is maintained by Murnaghan’s partner, Antonio Lennert, who continues to release Murnaghan’s unpublished work posthumously.

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